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Concrete Block Walls

Aria Remodeling offers high quality block wall installation services, whether a free standing perimeter wall or a retaining wall. We can even customize it for a more appealing or decorative look. We have a wide range of decorative blocks to complement the surrounding architecture. Our products can suit your home’s interior as well, adding more style and depth to it.

Natural Stone

Whenever you talk about adding natural stone or rock, Aria Remodeling stands alone in that field. We can turn any project into something amazing and unique. Most of our designing projects range from small patios to new, trendy gate entrances. We take all kinds of projects, whether working with stone, manufactured stone or new cut veneer stone. We simply invite you to visit our showroom, or schedule a meeting with one of our experts and let our services speak of themselves.


We manufacture and install paver bricks in pathways, driveways and patios. Our stones can increase functionality and beauty of your home’s exterior. Our concrete interlocking pavers can complement different designs with our wide range of colors, textures and styles.


With a huge line of concrete masonry units, we specialize in manufacturing different block weights, in order to meet PSI specified rating. Our product lines of CMUs are available in different shapes, textures, colors and sizes, to satisfy any needs.

They are not only used as retaining walls but Aria Remodeling’s concrete blocks are useful in constructing large commercial buildings like shopping malls, warehouses, office buildings, hotels, etc. Our collection of blocks consists of solid block, pavers and hollow block. Each of them is available in different shapes, colors and sizes, to go with or blend with any sort of home exterior or style.


Aria Remodeling is a trusted provider of stucco masonry, as we use a three layer hard coat with HCS process. Our product can be used for different purposes, from plaster having coarse exterior finish used on the South-Western home, to smooth interior and exterior finishes in the homes.
We produce different product lines to match any needs or preferences from the classic to the eclectic. Our products have varying designs from imitation stone appearance to find smooth plaster finishes used for decorating floors, walls and ceilings.

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We specialize in designing, fabricating and installing the natural stone commissioned pieces, staircases, fireplaces, including conservation and restoration of existing structures.

Our company believes in combining traditional masonry techniques with the latest methods, in order to give you the highest standards of services and provide elegant, sophisticated designs with pure aesthetics.

Before taking on your project, one of our representatives would have a session with you, to work on a plan to make sure we stay within your original vision, and offer suggestions to maximize the results and exceed your expectations, while staying within your budget.


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