Aria Remodeling is a nationally recognized and insured service provider having extensive experience in landscape management, construction, design and various water management practices. We are a company working for residential, commercial and municipal markets with geographic footprints all over the city. Whether you own one property or multiple sites in different areas, we can be trusted as the best landscape company that can professionally manage your environmental and horticultural needs. With a good reputation and excellence on our side, our team is ready 24/7 ready to serve your needs and handle any emergency project.


Our landscaping experts evaluate and apply the latest techniques of landscaping to build you your dream garden, front/back yard or private oasis. Most of our business comes from recommendations from former clients and word of mouth, and that is our ultimate goal; to be driven by our own success, and satisfied customers. Give us a chance to add to you to our success story, and help you realize your dream sanctuary.


We have a large selection of exotic and unique plants that will make your landscape something to envy for. We will recommend the best designs that complement your architectural style, blend with your geographical environment and be in harmony with your overall house. We have many choices, from the exotic to the maintenance free plants, and will make sure we give you the best advice on what to choose and most importantly how to maintain and keep your plants thriving through proper care.


Fountain placement is very important; it is the centerpiece of a garden or a front lawn. We will come to your home and determine what type of fountain is best for you, based on its location, size and style. We have a variety of styles, from Victorian, Gothic to modern, we are you will find you the one that blends with your style and surroundings.

Irrigation system

Irrigation is the heart of your garden; proper design and efficient plumbing will insure a worry free watering of your plants, not to mention a money saving opportunity with the right approach. Having the right infrastructure for your garden is as crucial as a wiring system is to your electronic equipment. The right design can insure a proper and consistent flow throughout your garden, as well as save you a considerable amount of money over the years, with the right design.


We offer a regular maintenance programs available to ensure peace of mind, minimize wear and tear damages and to foresee any potential problems. We will set up regular check-ups on the installations, hardware and services by performing a thorough inspection throughout your home and/or property. We offer several affordable plans to choose from, that suit your budget or fit your needs. Call us for a free estimate.


Cosmetic rocks are one way to upgrade your landscape design. With the dozens of available sizes, shapes and textures, they will add harmony and style and help conceal any unwanted details, or add volume to your existing structures like fountain, hot-tub or plant bed.


Natural grass is the ultimate way to go, but it can also be costly, requiring consistent maintenance and adding to your water bill. There is also always the weather effects, and various insects that could jeopardize the health and look of grass.

The ultimate and growing popular alternative solution is artificial grass, which with today’s standards, match and even keep the look of natural grass and most importantly save you a lot of money in maintenance costs and become a worry-free zone.


Palm trees are the pillars of your landscape; they act as a landmark and a natural frame to your home, just like a physical frame is to a painting; their upkeep is very essential to the overall look and value of your property…

We remove dead pieces of bark, skin or leaves, to maintain an attractive and healthy look. We recommend palm tree skinning during the summer because the old fronds are actually responsible for protecting the tree from winter weather, thus keeping it safe for a longer time. Call us to set-up an appointment for an estimate or start regular scheduled maintenance program with our unbeatable prices.