Bath Remodeling

The bathroom is among the most important and investment-worthy rooms in a home as far as design. It can play a crucial role in the home sale process because the buyer sees it as an important part of the house, where he/she spends a considerable amount of time during their start and end of the day. Today’s standard demands include a walk-in shower, and double bathroom sinks; bathroom storage and oversized bathtubs are also in high demand; we can bring your bathroom to today’s standards with minimum spending and maximum results.

Bathroom remodeling is a prime way to increase the value and bring more positive selling points to your home before putting it on the market, giving you a better advantage and helping you to get a higher re-sale price.


Whether installing a new walk-in shower, or simply expanding, we offer everything from multiple shower heads, handicap–friendly features, to custom layouts. We have dozens of designs, from the simple to the luxurious; we can meet your budget and exceed your expectations. We will have you back singing in your shower in no time!

Bathtub Surround
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Bathtub Surround

Aria Remodeling has a wide range of trendy and affordable bath concepts that our experts can customize for you from replacement bathtubs to bath wall surrounds and bath liners. We have everything for you! Our company even deals in safety accessories and handicap accessible options to accomodate any needs. We can complete most bathtub surrounds installations within a day, so you can start enjoying it in no time.

Our bathtubs have the following features:

  • Low maintenance: Non porous and no grout lines for ease in cleaning and resistance to mildew and mold.
  • Beautiful designs: High-gloss, beautiful acrylic bathtubs available in many patterns and colors.
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty over the products; because we are confident about the quality we offer
  • Quality Installation: Our certified factory technicians guarantee a top job for proper fittings.

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Steam Shower

Do sauna rooms and their health benefits interest you? Are you looking for a more affordable option? We have the perfect solution. Aria Remodeling’s steam showers are equipped with steaming system that are the perfect alternative to Saunas. Our steam showers have a soothing effect on muscles and joint pain, along with invigorating tired bodies.
The best part about steam showers is their affordability and durability over other shower systems. Let us give you a demo, along with an estimate to show you how we can transform your shower into a healthy and enjoyable alternative.

Steam Shower
Jacuzzi Bathtubs

Jacuzzi Bathtubs

Hot tubs are the best way to relax after a hard working day. They relax the body muscles and relieve stress, tension and leave users with a soothing feel after a stressful day or an intensive workout. Outdoor hot tubs are ideal for BBQ or garden parties for parties or get-togethers.
Come check out our wide selections of indoor and outdoor tubs, and take them for a spin to see what features suit you. We have the latest and most modern styles that we will install for you in no time.

Handicapped Accessible Shower

We specialize in handicapped accessible showers for residential bathrooms where, to provide easy and safe access for the handicapped or the elderly. Our designs give the easiest and most convenient access, whether to the shower or bathtub, with the least amount of effort.
Our walk-in showers or accessible roll-in stalls are provided with hassle-free access, providing effortless access, with or without a ramp, with the slightest rise from ½ inches to ¾ inches.
Our barrier-free showers give easy access to wheelchairs or shower chairs giving full independence to disabled children and adults.
We have a wide variety of accessible shower stalls, engineered to fit any existing bathrooms. We also have a separate range which is found in bathtub replacement models, having right or left hand drain in 54 inches or 60 inches to properly replace any tub.

Handicapped Accessible Shower