17 Apr

Keeping baby safe in the bathroom

It happens! A young parent steps out from a bathroom for a minute or two and leaves the baby sitting in a tub of water “for just a minute”. The outcome is a tragedy from which that parent will never recover.

Somehow the over hopeful and overtly optimistic part of the world mostly tend to think, that can never happen to me but each year babies and toddlers continue to suffer burns and drown in horrible accidents that could have been avoided. Aria Remodeling would like to remind you of a few safety rules that can help protect babies from plumbing related accidents.

Don’t leave standing water in a bathtub or a bucket because a little baby can drown in even an inch of water.

Mae sure that the toilet lids are closed or you use clamps to keep babies with a heavy head from leaning over and falling inside the pot.

Never leave a baby alone in a bathtub, not even in a safety seat because they are not foolproof and it might take less than 90 seconds for a baby to drown.

Make sure that the babies don’t face the faucets during the baths in order to avoid any sudden discharge of hot water.

Accidents involving babies are terrible – even more so when they can be prevented. We hope that by enlisting the safety rules above, accidents like these can be avoided and reader will know all the safety measures they should put into practice before taking their babies into the bathroom.